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26-09-2018Reddit Gold for Caldera Openlinux 1.2
22-08-2018Linux on Microsoft Azure? Disable this built-in root-access backdoor (wa-linux-agent)
01-08-2018Site updates for accessibility, text only pages and skip to main content
14-06-2018snap install mosaic, the first graphical webbrowser on Ubuntu
12-06-2018Chrome 68 is depcrecating HPKP (HTTP Public Key Pinning)
06-06-2018That time when one of my HP-UX servers lost half of it's RAM (and how to connect to an HP iLO 2 with modern OpenSSH (7.6+))
13-05-2018Multiple passwords for one user, UIC uniqueness and the system password on OpenVMS
08-05-2018Mount ISO and execute scripts on OpenVMS
06-05-2018File locking, grep and process killing on OpenVMS
04-05-2018Site updates, new layout for overview pages
30-04-2018The sad state of Alpha emulators (for OpenVMS)
27-04-2018Introducing the Yubikey Nano XL Rugged edition
24-04-2018Installing the es40 AlphaServer emulator 0.18 on Ubuntu 16.04, and trying to install OpenVMS 8.4 on es40
22-04-2018Small OpenVMS titbits
16-04-2018OpenVMS 7.3 install log with simh VAX on Ubuntu 16.04
15-04-2018File versioning and deleting on OpenVMS with DELETE and PURGE
09-04-2018Backspace and delete key behaviour on OpenVMS
05-04-2018SSH public key authentication on OpenVMS
03-04-2018Delete a directory on OpenVMS
01-04-2018Mail on OpenVMS
31-03-2018My first OpenVMS
18-03-2018My Yubikey broke, but I had a backup. So should you with your 2FA
08-04-2017Burn in testing for new Hypervisor and Storage server hardware
24-11-2016Overflow the Investigatory Powers Bill!
10-10-2016MySQL restore after a crash and disk issues
13-09-2016Mouse movement via the keyboard with xdotool and xbindkeys
03-09-2016Reset iptables to ACCEPT all (backup and remove all existing rules)
27-07-2016Raspberry Pi unattended upgrade Raspbian to Debian Testing
05-05-2016Migrating personal webapps and services
30-01-2016Recap of week 04, 2016
23-01-2016Recap of week 03, 2016
16-01-2016Recap of week 02, 2016
10-01-2016Recap of week 01, 2016
01-01-2016Recap of week 53, 2015
26-12-2015Recap of week 52, 2015
19-12-2015Recap of week 51, 2015
16-12-2015Forward or save outgoing email with Exim
12-12-2015Recap of week 50, 2015
11-12-2015Generate hashes of files with rhash for archival storage
21-03-2015How I got a valid SSL certificate for my ISP's main domain,
08-02-2015Remove Installatron from a (Directadmin) server
17-01-2015Filtering IMAP mail with imapfilter
09-01-2015Broken Corrupted Raspberry Pi SD Card
21-12-2014Clear Uncluttered SSH client config with Ansible
18-09-2014Boot to Vim, Vim as Pid 1
17-09-2014Statically (cross) compiled vim for x86, x86-64 and mipsel
15-09-2014Owncloud, DirectAdmin, Apache 2.4 and Error AH01797: client denied by server configuration
03-05-2014IPv6 at Home
28-04-2014Transmission Web on a Raspberry Pi with Arch Linux
17-04-2014FreeBSD 10, Converting from RELEASE to STABLE
14-04-2014Linux software raid, rebuilding broken raid 1
09-04-2014FreeBSD Ports: remove config options
04-07-2006DRAFT (Re)Building a Metro Cab Simulator part 1
02-01-2006RET Metro Type T SG/2
02-01-2006RET Metro Type M MG/2
02-01-2006RET Metro ZUB
02-01-2006RET Metro ATB