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Introducing the Yubikey Nano XL Rugged edition

Published: 27-04-2018 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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On the left, the small Yubikey nano, next to the regular larger Yubikey

Last month my Yubikey broke. I had a second one as a backup so there were noproblems for me. This second yubikey is a Nano model, that means it is about1 cm by 1 cm, the normal yubikey is 2 cm by 5. It fits inside the USB port andis meant to be inserted in the computer all the time. Extracting it from theport is hard as well, since it is so small. I use my yubikey on differentmachines and don't like the idea of it being in a computer when I'm not there,so I wanted to fix this. I did not fix it by buying a regular sized yubikey, butI found a clever workaround, which I name the Yubikey nano XL Rugged. You'llunderstand when you see the pictures.

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Yubikey Nano Rugged XL

I carry my yubikey in my wallet, and the Yubikey nano had to be in the plasticthing it came in, otherwise it would damage. It is not more than a USB plug, thepart that goes in the port, so small. The intended use is to keep it in yourcomputer all the time but that is not my use case. Since I was given this key along time ago I did not want to buy a new key, since this one functionally worksthe same. After a month of daily insertion I saw marks on the Yubikey and Isuspect this device is not made for frequent insertion, and I also don't want itto break soon. The other one lasted almost 7 years so I expect that timeframefrom this key as well.

Via my local cable dealer webshop I bought this USB 3 male to female adapter (non-referral link). I cannot for the life of me think of a usecase for this specific plug, until now, but I'm happy they sell it. Check your local (china) shop, I expect this is sold everywhere.

Here's my Yubikey Nano XL Rugged:


The two seperate parts:


Here is a comparison between the Nano XL Rugged and the regular Yubikey:


They are almost the same size wise, the XL Rugged is three times as thick(height).


This of course is not an official Yubikey product. I cobbled together an adapterand a Yubikey Nano and thought of a nice name. You can buy a regular Yubikey,which will probably be a better (at least less thick) choice.

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