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Site update, cookie consent popup (for a static site)

Published: 22-03-2023 | Last update: 16-04-2023 19:30 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

A small site update this time, just to let you know that I've added a cookie consent popup to this static site. If you reject all cookies, you should not see any advertisements and aren't tracked by Google Analytics. It's open source, cookieconsent by Orest Bida.

Recently I removed all Google Ads from this site due to their invasive tracking, as well as Google Analytics. Please, if you found this content useful, consider a small donation using any of the options below:

I'm developing an open source monitoring app called Leaf Node Monitoring, for windows, linux & android. Go check it out!

Consider sponsoring me on Github. It means the world to me if you show your appreciation and you'll help pay the server costs.

You can also sponsor me by getting a Digital Ocean VPS. With this referral link you'll get $100 credit for 60 days.

You can read all site-updated articles here.

Update: 16-04-2023: The cookie popup and all google ads are removed.

This is a static site, meaning that there is no server-side language like PHP or Ruby or Python involved, just plain old HTML files. I write my articles in markdown and have a custom static site generator that I wrote in python that turns those markdown articles into this beautiful site.

I also try to stay away from JavaScript as much as possible. In the past the Table of Contents in each article was generated using JavaScript but I changed that a while ago and now the Python script does that.

However, for the Cookie Consent popup, there was no getting around using some JavaScript, but fear not, I'm using an open source cookie consent popup, cookieconsent by Orest Bida. Only after a user gives permission the analytics and advertisements are loaded. Try it for yourself, only after you permit access, should you start to see advertisements.

Below are two screenshots showing the popup and the settings screen:



If you have any comments or other feedback, please let me know!

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