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Leaf Node Monitoring v2024.01 released, better notifications and history

Published: 15-06-2024 22:30 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

I'm pleased to announce the next version of Leaf Node Monitoring, the simple and easy to use open source site and server monitoring tool. Major new features include better alerting and history of events. This post goes over everything that is new in this release.

This post is cross-posted on the official Leaf Node Monitoring website.

You can download the new version here.

Leaf Node Monitoring v2024.01 is now available for download and as a free upgrade for previous customers. This release is focused on better notifications and alerting and a few small visual tweaks.

Notification History

Notifications (alerts) are now persistent. You can look back at what alerts you've got in the past. The alerts are now "stateful". In the previous version, you got a notification each time a check had an error. In this new release, you will get one notification when the error is detected and one notification when the error is resolved, no matter how many times a host is checked and still down.

Here is a screen recording to show off the big new feature, the notification alert history:

alert history

Visual tweaks

The spinner that is visible when checks are running in the top left part is replaced with an indeterminate progress bar. This makes the screen not jump around anymore since it is in the same place as the timer text (Next check in X seconds).

OpenSSL Library availability

One of the most heard pieces of feedback from users that have compiled Leaf Node Monitoring themselves, especially for Android, was that they have issues with OpenSSL. That is tricky to get right on Android. On Windows and Linux it's rather easy as it's an option in the Qt Online Installer. A big fat red notification has been added to indicate if OpenSSL was found runtime and included the version the program was built against.

openssl error

Leaf Node Monitoring v2024.01 is now available

The Google Play store version is updated and the downloads here on the website are as well. If you purchase via the website you can choose your own price. You get an archive with a Windows Installer, a Linux AppImage, the source code, and an Android APK. If you purchase via the Google Play Store the price is set and you only get an APK. That APK is able to export its own source code, so you are able to compile for other platforms if you wish.

You can download the new version here.

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