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Site updates for accessibility, text only pages and skip to main content

Published: 01-08-2018 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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I've made some new improvements to this website. is generated usingmy self-written static site generator named ingsoc, the new features arefocussed on accessibility. If you are using a screen reader or command-linebrowser this will benefit you. Or if you like to archive stuff offline. The twomain improvements are a text-only version of every content page(article/tutorial etc) and a 'Skip to main content' link.

[Three months ago I also did some site updates

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Skip to main content

If you visit this site using a screen reader (like Orca) or a command linebrowser like links the first thing on every page is a link to skip to the maincontent. Saves you going through the menu every time.

The W3C has a page on this: G1: Adding a link at the top of each page that goesdirectly to the main content area on their Web Content AccessibilityGuidelines.

Screenshot of a browser with CSS turned off:

Screenshot of a commandline browser:

Text only versions of content

Also in the context of accessibility, every content page has a text-onlyversion. There is a link at the top of every article, near the breadcrumb wherethe author and date of the article are listed. It will take you to a text-onlyversion of the article. Replacing.html with .txt in the URL will alsowork.

The text-only articles are the raw markdown I write and which the static sitegenerator uses to generate this site. As my main goal is spreading knowledge andentertaining fellow nerds, I want this site to get readers.

When I'm no longer around I hope this site is archived by many people (git repohere and the web here) and the knowledge and posts areretained for later generations.

Just as I enjoy old DEC documents. And what file format is better thansimple text? This fancy HTML and javascript might not be readable in the future,but my guess is that .txt will remain longer than the currentjavascript/browser trend, probably even longer than me.

Screenshot in a commandline browser:

Screenshot of a text-only article:

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

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