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Sparkling Network

Published: 12-01-2019 | Last update: 07-04-2019 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

Table of Contents

This is an overview of all the servers in the Sparkling Network, including specifications and location, mostly as an overview for myself, but it might be interesting for others. It also has an HTTP status overview of the nodes.

Active Servers for

balld1ScaleWayFR2 GB50 GBUbuntuDedicated
balls1Digital OceanNL1 GB25 GBUbuntuKVM
balls3Low End Spirit (IPv6 Only)NL128 MB2 GBUbuntuOpenVZ on KVM
balls4Low End Spirit (IPv6 Only)US128 MB2 GBUbuntuOpenVZ on KVM
balls5Low End Spirit (IPv6 Only)UK128 MB5 GBUbuntuOpenVZ on KVM
balls6Low End Spirit (IPv6 Only)UK128 MB3 GBUbuntuOpenVZ on KVM
balls9Low End Spirit (IPv6 Only)UK128 MB3 GBUbuntuOpenVZ on KVM
balls10Inception HostingUK512 MB400 GBUbuntuKVM
balls11Aruba CloudIT1 GB20 GBUbuntuKVM
balls12Hetzner CloudDE2 GB20 GBUbuntuKVM
balls13VultrUS512 MB20 GBUbuntuKVM
balls14BuyVMUS512 MB10 GBUbuntuKVM

Other Servers

balls7Digital OceanUS1 GB25 GBUbuntuKVM

Broken link on purpose

Tags: cluster, servers, software, sparkling-network