Sparkling Network

12-01-2017 | Remy van Elst

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This is an overview of all the servers in the Sparkling Network, including specifications and location, mostly as an overview for myself, but it might be interesting for others. It also has an HTTP status overview of the nodes.

Active Servers for

Status Name Provider Location RAM HDD OS Type
ball d1 ScaleWay FR 2 GB 50 GB Ubuntu Dedicated
ball vps1 CloudVPS NL 8 GB 64 GB Ubuntu KVM
ball s3 PC Extreme NL 512 MB 80 GB Ubuntu KVM
ball s5 Low End Spirit (IPv6 Only) UK 1 GB 20 GB Ubuntu OpenVZ on KVM
ball vps5 RamNode NL 128 MB 12 GB Ubuntu OpenVZ
ball vps6 Prometeus IT 1 GB 200 GB Ubuntu Xen
ball vps11 Prometeus IT 384 MB 12 GB Debian OpenVZ

Other Servers

Status Name Provider Location RAM HDD OS Type Purpose
ball s1 Digital Ocean US 512 MB 20 GB Ubuntu KVM
ball s2 CloudVPS NL 4 GB 89 GB CentOS Xen PV

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