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OpenVMS 9.2 for x86 is finally available for hobbyists!

Published: 09-04-2023 23:59 | Last update: 11-04-2023 22:29 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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OpenVMS x86 is now available for (most) hobbyists! Almost a year after the official release most hobbyists can now login to the Service Portal to download their copy of OpenVMS 9.2 for x86, X86E921OE.ZIP and the PAK (license) files (, valid until April 2024.

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OpenVMS 9.2 for Hobbyists

This is just a quick blog post to notify people of the availability for hobbyists registered in the VMS Software INC program. I received an email from another hobbyist notifying me of the release and where to download it, using my existing credentials for the hobbyist program:

Hello, Letting you know, from one hobbyist to another, that VSI has started rolling out OpenVMS for hobbyists slowly. You don't need to re-register from the Community license website if you have a license for Alpha/Integrity already, but if you didn't get an email yet (they're releasing it out in batches) you can try to log in manually in (yes, they shifted the community program into the Service Platform for downloads as well. Hooray, no more slow SFTP downloads!) Try the email you used to enter an Alpha/Integrity community license. If it says "invalid password", reset your password and you should be able to get in early (worked for me, even though I didn't get the email yet). If it says that your user can't be found, wait for an email. Cheers!

I've downloaded the C++ compiler and the OpenVMS WEBUI, can't wait to get started. Expect more posts on OpenVMS x86 on this site in the future!

Here is a screenshot of the downloads available:

downloads on

No XSAVE instruction available

I'm not able to provide a full guide right now, but my installation fails due to Hyper-V being active and Virtualbox / OpenVMS not liking that:


It seems that disabling Hyper-V resolves this error, but disabling it makes WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux) not work anymore, which I do require for work-related tasks.

Will post an update soon though!

Getting Started with OpenVMS 9.2 guide

Update: the first part of my Getting Started guide is finished, read that to see how to install OpenVMS on VirtualBox.

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