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Dark Reader, dark mode for any website

Published: 15-06-2019 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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Recently I discovered a firefox extension that converts any website into a dark version. Works both on firefox for mobile and on the desktop (and all other major browsers), is open source, causes less strain on the eyes and improves battery life. Just as the earlier post on Blokada, I find this such a cool piece of software I wanted to share it with all my readers.

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Dark Reader

You can install Dark Reader for all major browsers from here


Comparing the regular mobile sites with their dark reader versions.

For a few websites I had to disable the extension which is made easy in via the extensions button in the browser. It seems my battery life improved on android, but that is so subjective I'm hesitant to state it. However, a bright white pixel uses more energy than a dark pixel, especially on an OLED screen so there is a theory there.

You can view the source code on github and if you like the extension you can donate to them via OpenCollective here. You do need NodeJS to build the extension but it's documented clearly. The documentation seems to be quite comprehensive so that's always a great thing for a project.

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