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Price of a guest post on

Published: 07-04-2022 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

I have a deep-seated hatred towards half-assed quick-moneygrabbing marketeers, but today they reached at an all-time low. This site is, I received an email for a guest post on Not even remotely alike in spelling. I'm not called Justin, and I (sadly) don't maintain an excellent BSD distro. So dear telemarketers, every week I get emails like this, please put in a bit more effort. Normally I don't spend any time or effort, certainly not provide exposure, but this instance of Cunningham's Law does deserve a post, sadly.

I'm developing a desktop monitoring app, Leaf Node Monitoring, open source, but paid. For Windows, Linux & Android, go check it out.

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email spam

The email I received

Kev recently published a great article, fun read, on what happens when you reply to such a sponsored content spam message. As you might expect, nothing good came of that. I get those emails as well, often once a week, but from different firms with different names in the signature. Not going to link to this one, but you get the gist. I'm not interested in such spam, nor are my readers.

One thing that I actually am interested in, is DragonFly BSD Digest. Every week I look forward to the BSD summary and a day later the Lazy Reading. So Justin, if you're reading this, keep that up, I really enjoy it.

For all future marketeers, if you contact me for a collaboration, please make sure you at least get the name and site correct. I'm open to interesting things, like the Seeed, reTerminal series I'm publishing right now. If you want scammy spammy things, please don't contact me.

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