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23-01-2024 22:00503Fixing the hiss on my Atgames Legends Pinball Micro including root access
11-01-2023 05:31487APT keeps complaining that the HTTPS certificate cannot be validated?
17-04-2022474Proxmox VE 7 Corosync QDevice in a Docker container
20-09-2021455Expose any Qt5 program via VNC
10-07-2021449Using IceWM and a Raspberry Pi as my main PC, sharing my theme, config and some tips and tricks.
27-06-2021448Firefox 89 Proton UI Tab Styling
07-06-2021447Execute a command and get both output and exit status in C++ (Windows & Linux)
19-05-2021445All packages that were present in Ubuntu 18.04 but absent in Ubuntu 20.04
16-05-2021444I've packaged up CKermit as a snap, for Ubuntu 20.04
08-04-2021442Run MS Teams on a coffee machine?!? (Or: Embedded Linux Framebuffer VNC client)
17-03-2021439Record your Linux Desktop with ffmpeg and slop to any format
13-02-2021436Limit specific process memory on desktop linux with cgroups and earlyoom
28-01-2021434The Common Desktop Environment (CDE) is still developed and modern in 2021
07-12-2020425I've packaged up Gnash as a snap, for modern linux
23-08-2020413Get webcam resolution and info on Ubuntu and fix HD
01-08-2020412Ubuntu Snap auto updates broke my development setup and there is no way to turn them off
05-07-2020409Running gnash on Ubuntu 20.04 (in Docker with X11 forwarding)
04-07-2020408Installing PyGopherd on Ubuntu 20.04
03-02-2020402Personal Wireguard VPN on a Freedombox with Debian
29-01-2020401Installing Freedombox on Armbian on the Olimex Pioneer
27-12-2019398Run CLion native on Android, ditch your desktop!
16-12-2019395and & or are valid in C++ (alternative tokens)
01-10-2019390C++ project setup with CMake & unit tests (google test)
25-06-2019383connman operstate list
22-06-2019382C++ template definitions in a .cpp file (instead of a header file)
17-06-2019381C++ create and write to a CSV file with a variadic template
13-06-2019379Cooking with C++ templates and stronger types
08-06-2019378C++ variadic template recursive example
07-06-2019377C++ create and write to a CSV file
12-01-2019357Sparkling Network
02-01-2016264Microsoft Office 2013 and 2010 on Linux
09-03-2015237Build a Flexible and Powerful System with Arch Linux
28-04-2014175Transmission Web on a Raspberry Pi with Arch Linux
28-01-201368Exploring /proc/ - tips and tricks for the procfs
07-11-201250Small low cost linux pc's, an overview from 11-2012
09-07-201237Small Operating Systems / Linux Distributions