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05-07-2023 23:59499Drawing a Circle in Qt QML three different ways
19-05-2022 05:30477Qt/QML Property bindings break after a JavaScript assignment
12-02-2022466Embed the source code directly in your Qt app with qmake and qrc, for GPL compliance
05-10-2021458Responsive QML Layout (with scrollbars)
03-10-2021456Qt/QML: Expose C++ classes to QML and why setContextProperty is not the best idea
20-09-2021455Expose any Qt5 program via VNC
08-09-2021454Rectangle{} debugging in QML, just like printf(), but for QT
28-08-2021452Install NetBSD 9.2 on a DEC Alpha CPU with AXPBox
22-08-2021451Remote desktop on NetBSD with Xnest (no VNC)
18-08-2021450Install NetBSD 9.2 on a DEC Alpha CPU in QEMU with X11
07-06-2021447Execute a command and get both output and exit status in C++ (Windows & Linux)
19-05-2021445All packages that were present in Ubuntu 18.04 but absent in Ubuntu 20.04
12-05-2021443It compiles does not always mean that it works, a tale of virtual overridden fun in C++
21-03-2021440Three ways to print booleans as 'True' or 'False' in C++
27-02-2021438Disable (debug) logging in QT and QML
13-02-2021436Limit specific process memory on desktop linux with cgroups and earlyoom
26-09-2020419Tiny Tiny RSS vs Miniflux
23-09-2020418Store multiple types in a single std::map in C++ with std::any, just like a python dict
27-05-2020406Github Actions, C++ with Boost and cmake, almost a 50% speedup with caching
24-04-2020403C++ async, threads and user input
22-12-2019397Tiny Tiny RSS + Readability == The best way to read RSS feeds
29-06-2019384Gherkin 30% keyboard build log and review
29-05-2019376Retro PC Ads - 1975 Sphere 1
10-04-2019368Convert markdown inline links to reference style links with Pandoc
05-03-2019362SpaceCat Launchpad v2, an awesome cool little macropad
03-03-2019361Viewing PDF, .docx and .odt files in mutt (as text)
10-02-2019358Split keyboards, a five year review including the ErgoDox EZ, Matias Ergo Pro and Kinesis Freestyle 2
01-06-2018336GPG noninteractive batch sign, trust and send gnupg keys
20-03-2018314Essential Monitoring checks
26-01-2018311Dell PowerEdge firmware upgrades via iDrac
29-10-2017310ncdu - for troubleshooting diskspace and inode issues
24-09-2017309Adding IPv6 to a keepalived and haproxy cluster
18-09-2017308atop is broken on Ubuntu 16.04 (version 1.26): trap divide error
25-05-2017306Openstack Horizon, remove the loading modal with uBlock Origin
13-04-2017305Distributed load testing with Tsung
18-03-2017301Openstack Soft Delete - recover deleted instances
09-03-2017300Running WPS-8 (Word Processing System) on the DEC(mate) PDP-8i and SIMH
07-12-2016296Create a PDP-8 OS8 RK05 system disk from RX01 floppies with SIMH (and get text files in and out of the PDP-8)
14-08-2016282Nitrokey Start: Getting started guide (gnuk openpgp token)
01-08-2016281Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM and Raspberry Pi web cluster
17-07-2016279Storing arbitraty data in the Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM with Elementary Files (EF)
15-07-2016278Use the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM with sc-hsm-embedded, mod_nss and Apache (read only module)
13-07-2016277Decrypt/Extract Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM RSA private keys
21-06-2016276Use the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM with mod_nss and Apache
19-06-2016275Get started with the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM
08-06-2016273Toggling in a simple program DEC PDP-8 and PiDP-8 using the switch register
12-04-2016269IPv6 in a Docker container on a non-ipv6 network
27-02-2016268Active Directory and Exchange Command Line Powershell
24-02-2016267Let's Encrypt with DirectAdmin, now built in!
12-11-2015258Linux Containers
03-08-2015255Install Ubuntu Linux on the LG Chromebase
26-07-2015254Running TSS/8 on the DEC PiDP-8/i and SIMH
23-07-2015253Running Adventure on the DEC PDP-8 with SIMH
13-06-2015248Openstack - (Manually) migrating (KVM) Nova compute virtual machines
04-05-2015247The awesomely epic guide to KDE
03-05-2015246Filing Effective Bug Reports
03-05-2015245Raspberry Pi Arcade Machine
25-03-2015244systemd: Don't fear change
22-03-2015243Keep messages secure with GPG
22-03-2015242OpenSSL: Manually verify a certificate against a CRL
21-03-2015240Olimex OlinuXino A20 LIME2 mainline 4.0.0 kernel, u-boot and debian rootfs image building tutorial
08-03-2015236Euclid's algorithm: recursion and python
08-03-2015234Solve word puzzles with bash
08-02-2015230Installing Virtual Machines with virt-install, plus copy pastable distro install one-liners
04-02-2015229Raspberry Pi FM radio transmitter with Buttons
28-01-2015228Olimex OlinuXino A20 LIME2 Minimal Debian 7 Image
11-1-2015225Let's Encrypt with DirectAdmin or other Web Control Panels
30-12-2014219HTTP Public Key Pinning Extension HPKP for Apache, NGINX and Lighttpd
22-12-2014216Fix inconsistent Openstack volumes and instances from Cinder and Nova via the database
20-12-2014214Olimex OlinuXino a10 Lime uBoot, Kernel and root image guide
29-11-2014205Openstack Affinity Groups, make sure instances are on the same or different compute hypervisor hosts
31-10-2014199Olimex OlinuXino a10 Lime Minimal Debian 7 Image
14-10-2014197Check and Fix SSL servers for SSLv3 connections or the Poodle CVE-2014-3566 bug
12-10-2014196Configserver Firewall and Security (CSF and LFD)
24-09-2014195Patch Shellshock)with Ansible
29-08-2014188Build a $35 Time Capsule - Raspberry Pi Time Machine Backup Server
25-07-2014187Building HA Clusters with Ansible and Openstack
07-04-2014171OpenSSL: Manually verify a certificate against an OCSP
02-04-2014170Chef: overwrite templates in wrapper-cookbooks
01-04-2014169Chef: chef_gem vs gem_package and ORDER
02-03-20141673D modeling a real world object in OpenSCAD
04-02-2014161OpenSSL: Get all certificates from a website in plain text
30-01-2014157Check if passwordless sudo can be used in a bash script or nagios check
19-11-2013138DigitalOcean Sucks. Use DigitalOcean!
15-10-2013132Set up your own truly secure, encrypted and shared file synchronization, aka Dropbox clone
01-09-2013120IPv4 Address Conversion Tricks
28-07-2013115Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Dutch Notes and Example
24-07-2013112My Todo.txt Workflow, including Unison, Todour and Android
07-03-201376Word occurrence counter and analyzer
07-11-201250Small low cost linux pc's, an overview from 11-2012
09-09-201242Complete word count analysis of Security Now, episode 1 trough 370.
01-09-201239Tiny Tiny RSS
09-07-201237Small Operating Systems / Linux Distributions
01-09-201125Chrome Extensions for Privacy, Adblocking and anti-tracking