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Tiny Tiny RSS

Published: 01-09-2012 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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Tiny Tiny RSS - The best Free and Open Source alternative to Google Reader


This is an article about Tiny Tiny RSS. Tiny Tiny RSS is an open sourceweb-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator, designed to allow you toread news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktopapplication as possible. I will go over the features of TIny Tiny RSS, compareit to Google Reader and write some things I like about it, and things I missabout it.

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Features of Tiny Tiny RSS

On the desktop/client side you only need a modern web browser with a bit ofHTML5 support.
On the server side you need a webserver which supports PHP 5.2 or higher and aMySQL database. On the website they do not recommend to install it on sharedhosting, but I run it on a shared (cpanel) webhosting account (over at SecureDragon and it runs great, fast and SecureDragon did not complain yet. Theiroverall service is great, so if you need shared hosting I vouch for them).

Android Client

Android Client

I always used Google Reader on my android devices, but I've discovered the TinyTiny RSS mobile app. It is very good, and it has a lot of features:

The thing I like is the offline mode, which I enable before I leave to work. Itsyncs at home, then in the train I can read all the new articles without aninternet connection. Furthermore it has all the features I use, starring andsharing for example.

Things I like about it
Things I dont like
Compared to Google Reader
Download it and set it up!

Go here, and download Tiny Tiny RSS, go set it up on your server and donatesomething to the author as it is excellent software!

More from the author

The author of Tiny Tiny RSS also has made a very good online IRC client, TinyTiny IRC,

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