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Openstack Horizon, remove the loading modal with uBlock Origin

Published: 25-05-2017 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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The OpenStack dashboard, Horizon, is a great piece of software to manage yourOpenStack resources via the web. However, it has, in my opinion, a very bigusability issue. The loading dialog that appears after you click a link. Itblocks the entire page and all other links. So, whenever I click, I have to waitthree to five seconds before I can do anything else. Clicked the wrong menuitem? Sucks to be you, here have some loading. Clicked a link and quickly wantto open something in a new tab while the page is still loading? Nope, not today.It's not that browsers have had a function to show that a page is loading, no,of course, the loading indication that has been there forever is not goodenough. Let's re-invent the wheel and significantly impact the user experience.With two rules in uBlock Origin this loading modal is removed and you can worknormally again in Horizon

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Here's a screenshot of the loading dialog:

To remove the dialog, install uBlock Origin and open up the preferences. Go tothe My List tab, and add the following rules:

Put your own domain URL there. If you just want to have the loading dialog, butnot the backdrop that blocks everything, leave out the last line.

Afterwards, reload the dashboard and enjoy your enhanched user experience.

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