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01-01-2024 09:00502Which Root Certificates should you trust? Find out with CertInfo
16-9-2023 09:00501YouLessQt, helps you align the YouLess to an analog electricity meter
13-9-2023 22:00500A docker image for Qt 5.15 LTS for Android, including OpenSSL and the KDE patch collection
05-07-2023 23:59499Drawing a Circle in Qt QML three different ways
15-06-2023 01:30497My 24 year old HP Jornada can do things your modern iPhone still can't do!
17-02-2023 20:21489Named Booleans prevent C++ bugs and save you time
14-01-2023 04:30488Johnnie 'QObject' Walker, replace a service locator pattern while you're at it
11-01-2023 05:31487APT keeps complaining that the HTTPS certificate cannot be validated?
05-01-2023486Leaf Node Monitoring v2023.01 released, major performance improvements, new layout and new checks!
12-12-2022485Add moc includes to speed up Qt compilation
19-08-2022 21:30482Fade in / fade out in Qt/QML
15-08-2022 21:00481Responsive Qt/QML layout coming to Leaf Node Monitoring
14-07-2022480What's coming in the next version of Leaf Node Monitoring?
19-05-2022 05:30477Qt/QML Property bindings break after a JavaScript assignment
29-04-2022476HTTP GET requests with Qt and in Qml (async)
24-04-2022475Selling my own GPL software part 3, prior art (existing GPL software for sale)
02-04-2022472Build a WeatherTerminal app for the Seeed reTerminal (with Qt 6 & QML)
18-03-2022471Yocto boot2qt for the Seeed reTerminal (Qt 6)
04-03-2022470Qt 5.15.3 Open Source released
21-02-2022467Yocto boot2qt for the Raspberry Pi 4, both Qt 5.15 and 6.2
12-02-2022466Embed the source code directly in your Qt app with qmake and qrc, for GPL compliance
09-02-2022465Log all Item properties and functions in Qml
09-02-2022464Loop over all Repeater items or Delegate's in Qml
07-02-2022462QML Touch Area visualization with QML_VISUAL_TOUCH_DEBUGGING
21-01-2022461QML Drag and Drop including reordering the C++ model
24-12-2021460Selling my own GPL software, part 1: a lot of hurdles
05-10-2021458Responsive QML Layout (with scrollbars)
04-10-2021457Render markdown in a Qt QML Text or TextEdit control
03-10-2021456Qt/QML: Expose C++ classes to QML and why setContextProperty is not the best idea
08-09-2021454Rectangle{} debugging in QML, just like printf(), but for QT
07-06-2021447Execute a command and get both output and exit status in C++ (Windows & Linux)
12-05-2021443It compiles does not always mean that it works, a tale of virtual overridden fun in C++
05-04-2021441Run one specific clang-tidy check on your entire codebase
21-03-2021440Three ways to print booleans as 'True' or 'False' in C++
27-02-2021438Disable (debug) logging in QT and QML
25-02-2021437QT / QML Signals and Slots with C++
09-01-2021430C++ std::async with a concurrency limit (via semaphores)
31-12-2020428Hacker News vs in C++, an exercise in parsing json http api's and date/time/timezones
14-12-2020426C++ set up cpp-httplib with SSL support with cMake
23-09-2020418Store multiple types in a single std::map in C++ with std::any, just like a python dict
12-09-2020417CookieNumberPrinter, incremental / idle game style numbers in C++
01-08-2020412Ubuntu Snap auto updates broke my development setup and there is no way to turn them off
18-07-2020410C++ Remove leading or trailing characters from std::string
07-06-2020407Generate QR code and write it to a PNG, scaled, in C++
27-05-2020406Github Actions, C++ with Boost and cmake, almost a 50% speedup with caching
03-05-2020404Here be dragons, or, invalidated iterators
24-04-2020403C++ async, threads and user input
27-12-2019398Run CLion native on Android, ditch your desktop!
21-12-2019396ScreensaverStopper, stop activating the screensaver by sending F24 often
16-12-2019395and & or are valid in C++ (alternative tokens)
12-11-2019394Weight for Weight, a coding exercise that kept me busy
07-11-2019393std::string to lowercase or uppercase in C++
23-10-2019392std::accumulate in C++
01-10-2019390C++ project setup with CMake & unit tests (google test)
12-07-2019386Only zero is false, everything else is true in C++
22-06-2019382C++ template definitions in a .cpp file (instead of a header file)
17-06-2019381C++ create and write to a CSV file with a variadic template
13-06-2019379Cooking with C++ templates and stronger types
08-06-2019378C++ variadic template recursive example
07-06-2019377C++ create and write to a CSV file