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23-01-2024 22:00503Fixing the hiss on my Atgames Legends Pinball Micro including root access
01-01-2024 09:00502Which Root Certificates should you trust? Find out with CertInfo
16-9-2023 09:00501YouLessQt, helps you align the YouLess to an analog electricity meter
14-01-2023 04:30488Johnnie 'QObject' Walker, replace a service locator pattern while you're at it
27-06-2021448Firefox 89 Proton UI Tab Styling
31-12-2020428Hacker News vs in C++, an exercise in parsing json http api's and date/time/timezones
27-12-2020427Bash HTTP monitoring dashboard
12-09-2020417CookieNumberPrinter, incremental / idle game style numbers in C++
07-06-2020407Generate QR code and write it to a PNG, scaled, in C++
21-12-2019396ScreensaverStopper, stop activating the screensaver by sending F24 often
16-12-2019395and & or are valid in C++ (alternative tokens)
01-10-2019390C++ project setup with CMake & unit tests (google test)
22-06-2019382C++ template definitions in a .cpp file (instead of a header file)
17-06-2019381C++ create and write to a CSV file with a variadic template
15-06-2019380Dark Reader, dark mode for any website
13-06-2019379Cooking with C++ templates and stronger types
08-06-2019378C++ variadic template recursive example
07-06-2019377C++ create and write to a CSV file - Convert URL or RSS feed to text with readability
20-03-2019365Simple pygopherd log analyzer
12-01-2019357Sparkling Network
08-08-2018346Python script to talk to LibreNMS API and get alerts and hosts
10-07-2018342log_vcs - Ansible callback plugin that creates VCS (git) branches for every Ansible run
17-01-2016266Ansible playbook for GoAccess Log Analyzer
31-12-2015263Recursively find all [installed] package dependencies
18-01-2015227OpenVZ/Proxmox - pre-backup all container dump script
15-11-2014202OpenSSL Decoder Script
08-11-2014200OpenSSL Command Generator - Command Line Fuck Off as a Service client
06-01-2014154Ansible Inventory from VMWare - Easy IMAP Email Backup.
02-09-2013121OS X - Applescript to lock date and time preference panel to fix local sudo exploit
13-08-2013118Bind DNS Query Graph Charts with GNUPlot
08-08-2013117Microsoft Exchange / Active Directory Powershell script to notify users of expiring Passwords
29-06-2013108bdsh - Whitelist Restricted Shell
02-06-201398OS X - Create Hardware report SPX and save it to a AFP share
06-05-201393Nagios plugin to check an OCSP server
03-05-201392Nagios plugin to check Safenet HSM
02-05-201390Nagios plugin to check CRL expiry in minutes
12-04-201388Munin plugin to show Logstash/Kibana messages per hour
09-03-201380Hosted Piwik
20-01-201365Restrict SSH
01-01-201362Ruby script to upload or convert a Maildir Inbox to an IMAP server
21-12-201261Python script to monitor a file for changes and then mail the report with the file attached.
11-12-201258CIDR Cheatsheet
22-10-201249Ray-Mon - PHP and Bash server status monitoring
15-10-201248Codename Geld
24-09-201245Nagios plugin to check certificates on local file system
12-09-201243PHP Task/Todo list
02-09-201240Packages commandline bash wget downloader
28-06-201235ProxBash - a bash script to manage Proxmox VE
10-06-201234Ubuntu/Debian update mailer
07-06-201233Terrible Start
13-05-201231Bash script to list all changed files in certain period
12-02-201229NurseCalc o2 - Bash script and online app for Oxygen Calculations
01-02-201228NurseCalc Infuus - Bash script and Online app for infusion and drip (speed) Calculations
27-12-201126MagicProg: Magic the Gathering (RPG/TGC) Life Program - Easy IMAP email backup to HTML archive.
18-05-200914Clonezilla Backup Script v0.2