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Codename Geld

15-10-2012 | Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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Codename Geld is a finance manager written in PHP. It uses a JSON text file for the values and the visual side is created with the excellent HTML5 Kickstart framework by Joshua Gatcke.

It is not as fancy as or gnucash, so if you need advanced features (multiple accounts for example) you might want to use another piece of software. Also, the code is quite messy.


  • Fixed 5 foreach loop bugs.
  • Fixed 3 array sorting bugs.
  • Balance from previous month now shown in new month.
  • Fixed bug with sorting items and stores
  • Changed json storage to store transactions and stores separately
  • Fixed a few translations
  • Added theme support (pink and blue for now).
  • l18n support via language files
  • Initial release


  • Monthly overview of income and expenses.
  • Yearly overview of income and expenses.
  • Uses a JSON database, backup is very easy (copy the json file).
  • Unlimited stores and transactions.
  • Multi-language, dutch and english and translations are easy to add.
  • Lightweight on the server side.


  • After adding or changing or deleting values you get redirected to the inex page instead of the page you came from.


  • Download zip file: and unzip to webroot (/var/www).
  • Make sure json file is writable by webserver: chown www-data:www-date geld.json
    • (Or, chmod 777 geld.json if you are lazy)
  • Fill in the application
  • ???
  • PROFIT!!!

Links HTML5 Kickstart:

Tags: finance  json  money  php  software