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Nagios plugin to check Safenet HSM

Published: 03-05-2013 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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This is a Nagios plugin to monitor a Safenet Protectserver HSM using the Safenet tools. It can also gather information about the device, like firmware and functional module information.

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usage: ./ options

This script checks various safenet HSM things and outputs nagios style results.

   -h      Show this message
   -t      Check type: "battery", "RAM", "datetime", "eventlog", "initialized", "hsminfo", "fminfo"
   -b      ctcheck binary (default: /opt/PTK/bin/ctcheck)

   battery          Show HSM Battery status, GOOD (ok) or LOW (crit)
   ram              HSM RAM, (ok) if <75% used, (warn) >75% <85% used, (crit) if >85% used.
   datetime         Local HSM date/time, (crit) if different from host time, host should use ntp in same timezone.
   eventlog         (ok) if eventlog not full, (crit) if eventlog full.
   initialized      (ok) if initialized, (crit) if not. Documentation states that a FALSE could mean a tampered device.
   hsminfo          always (ok), returns general HSM info, model, version, firmware and such.
   fminfo           always (ok), returns Functional Module information.


user@host ~$ ./ -n hsm-038 -t ram
OK: RAM Usage OK: 41% used, ( 10192256 total). HSM: hsm-038.
user@host ~$ ./ -n hsm-038 -t datetime
OK: HSM: hsm-038 time is the same as local time: 15/04/2013 12:48.
user@host ~$ ./ -n hsm-038 -t eventlog
OK: HSM: hsm-038 Event Log Count: 11
user@host ~$ ./ -n hsm-038 -t initialized
OK: HSM: hsm-038 is initialized. All is well.
user@host ~$ ./ -n hsm-038 -t hsminfo
OK: HSM: hsm-038; Serial Number:[...]; Model: [...]; Device Revision: F; Firmware Revision: [...]; Manufacturing Date: [...]; Device Batch: [...]; PTKC Revision: [...]; Slot Count: [...] Security Mode: [...]; Transport Mode:[...]; Event Log Count: 88.
user@host ~$ ./ -n hsm-038 -t battery
OK: Battery status is good for HSM: hsm-038


Either via Github or from this website

Tags: hsm , monitoring , nagios , safenet , software