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20-03-2019Simple pygopherd log analyzer
10-03-2019Site updates, now also available on Gopher
26-02-2019Get a JSON value with bash and sed
13-11-2018Line total (up+down sum) in PHP Network Weathermap
10-09-2018Service checks in LibreNMS (http, all other Nagios plugins)
08-08-2018Python script to talk to LibreNMS API and get alerts and hosts
01-08-2018Site updates for accessibility, text only pages and skip to main content
10-07-2018log_vcs - Ansible callback plugin that creates VCS (git) branches for every Ansible run
04-05-2018Site updates, new layout for overview pages
19-04-2018Ansible - add apt_key inline
20-12-2016OpenStack: Quick and automatic instance snapshot backup and restore (and before an apt upgrade) with nova backup
24-11-2016Overflow the Investigatory Powers Bill!
14-11-2016Build a FreeBSD 11.0-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
10-09-2016Ansible - Create OpenStack servers with Ansible 2.0 and the os_server module and a dynamic inventory
08-09-2016Ansible - create playbooks and role file and folder structure
15-05-2016Ansible - Add an apt-repository on Debian and Ubuntu
27-04-2016Build a FreeBSD 10.3-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
17-01-2016Ansible playbook for GoAccess Log Analyzer
11-03-2015Automating Openstack with cloud init run a script on VM's first boot
08-03-2015Euclid's algorithm: recursion and python
25-11-2014Ansible - Only if host is also in other hostgroup
23-11-2014Build a FreeBSD 10.1-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
09-11-2014Ansible - Only do action if on specific distribution (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or RHEL) or distribution version (ubuntu precise, ubuntu trusty)
01-09-2014Get the current or all Firefox tab urls in Bash
25-07-2014Building HA Clusters with Ansible and Openstack
11-06-2014Build a FreeBSD 10.0-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
29-05-2014Openstack Horizon installation with SSL on Ubuntu
25-05-2014Openstack Swift Objectstore Access via FTP
19-05-2014Encrypted Duplicity Backups to Openstack Swift Objectstore
06-01-2014Ansible Inventory from VMWare
29-12-2013Ansible - Playbook Testing
22-12-2013Ansible - Only do something if another action changed
21-12-2013Ansible - Sudo sometimes - Easy IMAP Email Backup.
29-06-2013bdsh - Whitelist Restricted Shell
23-03-2013Ansible - sudoers safety and sanity checking in playbook
09-03-2013Ansible - pure ssh based configuration management and deployment
15-01-2013Install python 2.7 or 3 under Debian 6
21-12-2012Python script to monitor a file for changes and then mail the report with the file attached.
07-06-2012Terrible Start
27-12-2011MagicProg: Magic the Gathering (RPG/TGC) Life Program
23-06-2011Stopping fail2ban.server : ERROR Unexpected communication error and other errors in fail2ban on ubuntu 9.04 - Easy IMAP email backup to HTML archive.