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01-01-2024 09:00502Which Root Certificates should you trust? Find out with CertInfo
03-02-2021435Reset the SYSTEM password on OpenVMS 8.4
20-10-2020421I enforced the AGPL on my code, here's how it went
01-08-2020412Ubuntu Snap auto updates broke my development setup and there is no way to turn them off
31-07-2020411The Twitter Bitcoin hack can happen anywhere humans are involved
24-05-2020405I had to jailbreak my iPhone to change the default browser...
03-02-2020402Personal Wireguard VPN on a Freedombox with Debian
29-01-2020401Installing Freedombox on Armbian on the Olimex Pioneer
18-03-2019364Disable motd news or (parts of) the dynamic motd on Ubuntu
16-02-2019359My phone serves me 400+ ads and trackers per hour. Blokada, the best android adblocker, beats 'm all!
08-11-2018354Three new NitroKeys! Nitrokey Pro 2, Storage 2 and a FIDO-U2F Nitrokey
22-08-2018347Linux on Microsoft Azure? Disable this built-in root-access backdoor (wa-linux-agent)
06-08-2018345nginx 1.15.2, ssl_preread_protocol, multiplex HTTPS and SSH on the same port
21-06-2018340Syslog configuration for remote logservers for syslog-ng and rsyslog, both client and server
12-06-2018338Chrome 68 is depcrecating HPKP (HTTP Public Key Pinning)
01-06-2018336GPG noninteractive batch sign, trust and send gnupg keys
13-05-2018333Multiple passwords for one user, UIC uniqueness and the system password on OpenVMS
27-04-2018328Introducing the Yubikey Nano XL Rugged edition
25-03-2018315OpenStack nova get-password, set-password and post encrypted password to metadata service
18-03-2018313My Yubikey broke, but I had a backup. So should you with your 2FA
17-06-2016274HTTP Strict Transport Security for Apache, NGINX and Lighttpd
14-06-2015251Strong SSL Security on nginx
14-06-2015250Strong SSL Security on Apache2
14-06-2015249Strong SSL Security on lighttpd
21-03-2015241How I got a valid SSL certificate for my ISP's main domain,
31-12-2014221pfSense allow web interface access on WAN from specific IP
30-12-2014219HTTP Public Key Pinning Extension HPKP for Apache, NGINX and Lighttpd
11-06-2014180OSSEC 2.8 Server, Client, Web UI and Analogi Dashboard Installation tutorial
13-12-2013145Install nmap 6.40 on Ubuntu 12.04
01-10-2013128Uninstall and Remove OSSEC
07-09-2013123OSSEC Server, Client, Web UI and Analogi Dashboard Installation tutorial
09-04-20089Setting up Motion with FTP and Email! support