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12-06-2018338Chrome 68 is depcrecating HPKP (HTTP Public Key Pinning)
04-03-2018312haproxy: restrict specific URLs to specific IP addresses
11-09-2016287Nagios 4 + Nagiosgraph (latest) installation on Ubuntu 12.04 & 14.04
01-08-2016281Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM and Raspberry Pi web cluster
15-07-2016278Use the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM with sc-hsm-embedded, mod_nss and Apache (read only module)
21-06-2016276Use the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM with mod_nss and Apache
17-06-2016274HTTP Strict Transport Security for Apache, NGINX and Lighttpd
24-02-2016267Let's Encrypt with DirectAdmin, now built in!
14-06-2015251Strong SSL Security on Apache2
08-02-2015230Remove Installatron from a (Directadmin) server
11-1-2015225Let's Encrypt with DirectAdmin or other Web Control Panels
30-12-2014220HTTP Public Key Pinning Extension HPKP for Apache, NGINX and Lighttpd
15-09-2014192Owncloud, DirectAdmin, Apache 2.4 and Error AH01797: client denied by server configuration
03-02-2014160OCSP Stapling on Apache
18-12-2013148haproxy: client side ssl certificates
15-12-2013147Apache access/error log to syslog
12-12-2013144haproxy: set specific ssl ciphers
11-12-2013143haproxy: add strict transport security or any other http header
10-12-2013142haproxy: ssl backends
09-12-2013141haproxy: redirect to ssl or other website
29-11-2013140ntop-ng 1.1 installation on Ubuntu 12.04
20-07-2013110Pass the SSL Labs Test on Apache2 (Mitigate the CRIME and BEAST attack, Disable SSLv2 and Enable Perfect Forward Secrecy).
04-04-201385NGINX: Proxy folders to different root