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08-11-2018354Three new NitroKeys! Nitrokey Pro 2, Storage 2 and a FIDO-U2F Nitrokey
01-06-2018336GPG noninteractive batch sign, trust and send gnupg keys
27-04-2018328Introducing the Yubikey Nano XL Rugged edition
18-03-2018313My Yubikey broke, but I had a backup. So should you with your 2FA
11-10-2016293Nitrokey gnuk firmware update via DFU
09-09-2016285FST-01 gnuk firmware update via USB
14-08-2016282Nitrokey Start: Getting started guide (gnuk openpgp token)
01-08-2016281Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM and Raspberry Pi web cluster
27-07-2016280Raspberry Pi unattended upgrade Raspbian to Debian Testing
17-07-2016279Storing arbitraty data in the Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM with Elementary Files (EF)
15-07-2016278Use the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM with sc-hsm-embedded, mod_nss and Apache (read only module)
13-07-2016277Decrypt/Extract Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM RSA private keys
21-06-2016276Use the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM with mod_nss and Apache
19-06-2016275Get started with the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM