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03-02-2020402Personal Wireguard VPN on a Freedombox with Debian
29-01-2020401Installing Freedombox on Armbian on the Olimex Pioneer
06-01-2020399Windows 10 updates with PowerShell
08-05-2019374Site updates, new layout
10-03-2019363Site updates, now also available on Gopher
18-12-2018356SSH on Windows Server 2019 (including how to sudo)
27-10-2018353Use Ubuntu behind a Microsoft ForeFront TMG proxy with cntlm
01-07-2018341Windows 7 installer on a KVM Linux VPS (Windows on Digital Ocean)
13-03-201382NGINX: Hide / Block .git and .svn folders
13-03-201381NGINX: Catch all error codes