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12-07-2024 22:30513Leaf Node Monitoring v2024.02 released, autostart, ssl certificate expiry and minimize to tray
15-06-2024 22:30507Leaf Node Monitoring v2024.01 released, better notifications and history
23-01-2024 22:00503Fixing the hiss on my Atgames Legends Pinball Micro including root access
05-01-2023486Leaf Node Monitoring v2023.01 released, major performance improvements, new layout and new checks!
15-08-2022 21:00481Responsive Qt/QML layout coming to Leaf Node Monitoring
14-07-2022480What's coming in the next version of Leaf Node Monitoring?
24-04-2022475Selling my own GPL software part 3, prior art (existing GPL software for sale)
04-03-2022470Qt 5.15.3 Open Source released
12-02-2022466Embed the source code directly in your Qt app with qmake and qrc, for GPL compliance
20-10-2020421I enforced the AGPL on my code, here's how it went