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14-03-2014168OS X: Remove all Apple Remote Dekstop settings
03-09-2013122OS X - Enable access for assistive devices via the command line
02-09-2013121OS X - Applescript to lock date and time preference panel to fix local sudo exploit
10-07-2013109OS X: Disable Notification Center
04-06-2013100OS X - Turn Bonjour off or on via the command line
03-06-201399OS X - Turn off sleep from the command line
02-06-201398OS X - Create Hardware report SPX and save it to a AFP share
10-05-201396OS X: Turn firewall on or off from the command line
02-05-201391Join Mac OS X to an Active Directory / OpenDLAP directory from the commandline
05-12-201255Set OS X hostname from the commandline