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Set OS X hostname from the commandline

Published: 05-12-2012 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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This little snippets helps you change all the computer names of a computerrunning Mac OS X. OS X has 3 computernames, and if you want to change all threeyou need to use the following commands (as root or via sudo):

scutil --set ComputerName "ChangeMe"scutil --set HostName "ChangeMe"scutil --set LocalHostName "ChangeMe"

Where you change "ChangeMe" to the computer name you want to set.

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ComputerName is the so-called "user-friendly" name for the Mac, it's whatwill show up on the Mac itself and what will be visible to others whenconnecting to it over a local network. This is also whats visible under theSharing preference panel.

HostName is the name assigned to the computer as visible from the commandline, and it's also used by local and remote networks when connecting throughSSH and Remote Login.

LocalHostName is the name identifier used by Bonjour and visible throughfile sharing services like AirDrop

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