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09-07-2024 22:30510High Available k3s kubernetes cluster with keepalived, galera and longhorn
17-04-2022474Proxmox VE 7 Corosync QDevice in a Docker container
12-01-2019357Sparkling Network
24-09-2017309Adding IPv6 to a keepalived and haproxy cluster
01-08-2016281Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM and Raspberry Pi web cluster
13-06-2015248Openstack - (Manually) migrating (KVM) Nova compute virtual machines
29-11-2014205Openstack Affinity Groups, make sure instances are on the same or different compute hypervisor hosts
26-10-2014198Keepalived notify script, execute action on failover
13-06-2014182Simple keepalived failover setup on Ubuntu 14.04
20-11-2013139Corosync Pacemaker - Execute script on failover
02-11-2013135Corosync Notes
08-11-201251Set up your own distributed, redundant, and encrypted storage grid with Tahoe-LAFS