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Vim Cheatsheet

Published: 01-01-2007 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

Table of Contents

Note: Not finished yet!

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:sp - split horizontal
:vsp - split vertical
^W + l - move left
^W + k - move split up
^W + j - move split down
^W + h - move split left


gg - go to beginning of a file
G - go to the end of the file
3G - go to the 3rd line
w - go to beginning of next word
e - go to end of word
b - go to beginning of word.
3w - go to the 3rd word.
% - go to matching parentheses
^/0 - go to beginning of line
$ - go to end of line


o - insert new line below current one
O - insert new line above current one
A - start typing at the end of this line.


Tags: cheatsheet , editor , snippets , vi , vim