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HP ILO - Quickly gather ILO version and firmware information via CURL

Published: 13-04-2013 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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Have a lot of HP servers with ILO cards, and want to gather information from them quicly? By default you can get some information in XML format, for ILO, ILO2, ILO3 and ILO4, with curl. You don't have to log in via SSH, and can script it/loop it.

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On the command line, make sure you're in the right VLAN/management network (replace the IP with your ILO IP) :


For https:

curl -k

Example response:

<?xml version="1.0"?><RIMP><HSI><SBSN>CZCxxxx </SBSN><SPN>ProLiant DL380 G5</SPN><UUID>xxxxxxxx</UUID><SP>1</SP><cUUID>0000-0000-0000-0000</cUUID><VIRTUAL><STATE>Inactive</STATE><VID><BSN></BSN><cUUID></cUUID></VID></VIRTUAL></HSI><MP><ST>1</ST><PN>Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2)</PN><FWRI>2.02</FWRI><BBLK>3; Jul 11 2004</BBLK><HWRI>ASIC:  7</HWRI><SN>00xx00xx00xx      </SN><UUID>ILO000xxx000</UUID><IPM>1</IPM><SSO>0</SSO><PWRM>3.4</PWRM></MP></RIMP>

A quick tip, to know the ILO version look at the HWRI>ASIC: value:

With curl you can loop as well:

curl http://10.2.76.[1-120]/xmldata?item=All

Also, here is a script to find all the ILO's on your network:

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