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Bash Bits: Debug Logging

15-09-2013 | Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

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Bash Bits are small examples and tips for Bash Scripts. This bash bit shows you how to add debug logging to a bash script.

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Debug logging can be very usefull when scripts or programs don't do what you want. I use it in most of my scripts.

First we create a simple one line function named debug:

function debug() { ((DEBUG_LOG)) && echo "### $*"; }

As you can see, very simple. If the variable DEBUG_LOG is set, then it prints all the text given to the function. If the variable is not set, it does nothing.

Now if we want to debug log something, we place the following line in our script:

debug "This is debug output".

When we want to see the debug logging, before we run the script, we set the variable DEBUG_LOG to 1:

export DEBUG_LOG=1
# or just for this script run:

Example with debug logging:

[10:52:51] [remy@gateway] [ ~/conf (master) ]
$ export DEBUG_LOG=1
[10:52:56] [remy@gateway] [ ~/conf (master) ]
$ ./
### vimrc done
### screenrc done
### bash done

Example without debug logging:

[10:53:11] [remy@gateway] [ ~/conf (master) ]
$ unset DEBUG_LOG
[10:53:11] [remy@gateway] [ ~/conf (master) ]
$ ./

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