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  1. Distributed load testing with Tsung
  2. Run software on the tty1 console instead of getty login on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04
  3. Check HTTP status code for a page on all DNS records
  4. Burn in testing for new Hypervisor and Storage server hardware
  5. Openstack Soft Delete - recover deleted instances
  6. Running WPS-8 (Word Processing System) on the DEC(mate) PDP-8i and SIMH
  7. Traceroute IPv6 to Smokeping Target config
  8. Ansible: access group vars for groups the current host is not a member of
  9. haproxy: restrict specific URLs to specific IP addresses
  10. OpenStack: Quick and automatic instance snapshot backup and restore (and before an apt upgrade) with nova backup
  11. Create a PDP-8 OS8 RK05 system disk from RX01 floppies with SIMH (and get text files in and out of the PDP-8)
  12. Overflow the Investigatory Powers Bill!
  13. Build a FreeBSD 11.0-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
  14. Nitrokey gnuk firmware update via DFU
  15. MySQL restore after a crash and disk issues
  16. Firefox History stats with Bash
  17. Create /etc/shadow crypted password entries
  18. Mouse movement via the keyboard with xdotool and xbindkeys
  19. IPSEC VPN on Ubuntu 16.04 with StrongSwan
  20. Nagios 4 + Nagiosgraph (latest) installation on Ubuntu
  21. Ansible - Create OpenStack servers with Ansible 2.0 and the os_server module and a dynamic inventory
  22. FST-01 gnuk firmware update via USB
  23. Ansible - create playbooks and role file and folder structure
  24. Reset iptables to ACCEPT all (backup and remove all existing rules)
  25. Nitrokey Start: Getting started guide (gnuk openpgp token)
  26. Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM and Raspberry Pi web cluster
  27. Raspberry Pi unattended upgrade Raspbian to Debian Testing
  28. Storing arbitraty data in the Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM with Elementary Files (EF)
  29. Use the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM with sc-hsm-embedded, mod_nss and Apache (read only module)
  30. Decrypt/Extract Nitrokey HSM/SmartCard-HSM RSA private keys
  31. Use the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM with mod_nss and Apache
  32. Get started with the Nitrokey HSM or SmartCard-HSM
  33. HTTP Strict Transport Security for Apache, NGINX and Lighttpd
  34. Toggling in a simple program DEC PDP-8 and PiDP-8 using the switch register
  35. Ansible - Add an apt-repository on Debian and Ubuntu
  36. Migrating personal webapps and services
  37. Build a FreeBSD 10.3-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
  38. IPv6 in a Docker container on a non-ipv6 network
  39. Active Directory and Exchange Command Line Powershell
  40. Let's Encrypt with DirectAdmin, now built in!
  41. Recap of week 04, 2016
  42. Recap of week 03, 2016
  43. Ansible playbook for GoAccess Log Analyzer
  44. Recap of week 02, 2016
  45. Deborphan cleanup until no more orphaned packages left
  46. Recap of week 01, 2016
  47. Microsoft Office 2013 and 2010 on Linux
  48. Recap of week 53, 2015
  49. Recursively find all [installed] package dependencies
  50. Recap of week 52, 2015
  51. IPSEC VPN on Ubuntu 15.10 with StrongSwan
  52. IPSEC VPN on Ubuntu 15.04 with StrongSwan
  53. Recap of week 51, 2015
  54. Forward or save outgoing email with Exim
  55. Recap of week 50, 2015
  56. Generate hashes of files with rhash for archival storage
  57. Let's Encrypt with DirectAdmin or other Web Control Panels
  58. Linux Containers
  59. Encrypt and decrypt files to public keys via the OpenSSL Command Line
  60. Sign and verify text/files to public keys via the OpenSSL Command Line
  61. Make OpenELEC/Kodi work with the Sitecom CN-524/ Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) 8510 A10 Bluetooth USB adapter on the Raspberry Pi.
  62. Ansible - Only do action if on specific distribution (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or RHEL) or distribution version (ubuntu precise, ubuntu trusty)
  63. Install Ubuntu Linux on the LG Chromebase
  64. Running TSS/8 on the DEC PiDP-8/i and SIMH
  65. Running Adventure on the DEC PDP-8 with SIMH
  66. Find all services using libssl to restart after an OpenSSL update
  67. Stong SSL Security on lighttpd
  68. Strong SSL Security on nginx
  69. Strong SSL Security on Apache2
  70. Openstack - (Manually) migrating (KVM) Nova compute virtual machines
  71. The awesomely epic guide to KDE
  72. Filing Effective Bug Reports
  73. Raspberry Pi Arcade Machine
  74. OpenSSL command line Root and Intermediate CA including OCSP, CRL and revocation
  75. systemd: Don't fear change
  76. Keep messages secure with GPG
  77. OpenSSL: Manually verify a certificate against a CRL
  78. How I got a valid SSL certificate for my ISP's main domain,
  79. Olimex OlinuXino A20 LIME2 mainline 4.0.0 kernel, u-boot and debian rootfs image building tutorial
  80. Automating Openstack with cloud init run a script on VM's first boot
  81. Build a Flexible and Powerful System with Arch Linux
  82. Ada Lovelace and The Analytical Engine
  83. Python: build dynamic web pages
  84. Solve word puzzles with bash
  85. Euclid's algorithm: recursion and python
  86. Openstack Glance Image Download, download Openstack images
  87. Installing Virtual Machines with virt-install, plus copy pastable distro install one-liners
  88. Remove Installatron from a (Directadmin) server
  89. Raspberry Pi FM radio transmitter with Buttons
  90. Olimex OlinuXino A20 LIME2 Minimal Debian 7 Image
  91. OpenVZ/Proxmox - pre-backup all container dump script
  92. Filtering IMAP mail with imapfilter
  93. Broken Corrupted Raspberry Pi SD Card
  94. Shared Git repository over ssh for multiple users
  95. Get all IP ranges from an AS number
  96. pfSense allow web interface access on WAN from specific IP
  97. IPSEC VPN on Centos 7 with StrongSwan
  98. HTTP Public Key Pinning Extension HPKP for Apache, NGINX and Lighttpd
  99. Arch Linux AUR PKGBUILD generate new checksums
  100. Ansible - Only if a file exists or does not exist
  101. Fix inconsistent Openstack volumes and instances from Cinder and Nova via the database
  102. Clear Uncluttered SSH client config with Ansible
  103. Olimex OlinuXino a10 Lime uBoot, Kernel and root image guide
  104. ingsoc
  105. IPSEC L2TP VPN on Ubuntu 12.04 with OpenSwan, xl2tpd and ppp
  106. IPSEC L2TP VPN on CentOS 6 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 / Scientific Linux 6
  107. IPSEC L2TP VPN on Ubuntu 13.04 with OpenSwan, xl2tpd and ppp
  108. IPSEC L2TP VPN on Arch Linux on a Raspberry Pi with OpenSwan, xl2tpd and ppp
  109. IPSEC L2TP VPN on Ubuntu 14.04 with OpenSwan, xl2tpd and ppp
  110. IPSEC L2TP VPN on Ubuntu 13.10 with OpenSwan, xl2tpd and ppp
  111. IPSEC L2TP VPN on Ubuntu 12.10 with OpenSwan, xl2tpd and ppp
  112. Openstack Affinity Groups, make sure instances are on the same or different compute hypervisor hosts
  113. Ansible - Only if host is also in other hostgroup
  114. Build a FreeBSD 10.1-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
  115. OpenSSL Decoder Script
  116. OpenSSL Command Generator
  117. Olimex OlinuXino a10 Lime Minimal Debian 7 Image
  118. Keepalived notify script, execute action on failover
  119. Check and Fix SSL servers for SSLv3 connections or the Poodle CVE-2014-3566 bug
  120. Configserver Firewall and Security (CSF and LFD)
  121. Patch Shellshock)with Ansible
  122. Boot to Vim, Vim as Pid 1
  123. Statically (cross) compiled vim for x86, x86-64 and mipsel
  124. Owncloud, DirectAdmin, Apache 2.4 and Error AH01797: client denied by server configuration
  125. Set your IP as wallpaper
  126. - Command Line Fuck Off as a Service client
  127. Get the current or all Firefox tab urls in Bash
  128. Build a $35 Time Capsule - Raspberry Pi Time Machine Backup Server
  129. Building HA Clusters with Ansible and Openstack
  130. OpenVZ/Proxmox - Container to Template
  131. Proxmox VE - One Public IP
  132. CentOS 5 CA Certificate Bundle Update
  133. Traceroute to Smokeping Target config
  134. Simple keepalived failover setup on Ubuntu 14.04
  135. OSSEC 2.8 Server, Client, Web UI and Analogi Dashboard Installation tutorial
  136. Build a FreeBSD 10.0-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
  137. Openstack Horizon installation with SSL on Ubuntu
  138. Openstack Swift Objectstore Access via FTP
  139. Encrypted Duplicity Backups to Openstack Swift Objectstore
  140. IPv6 at Home
  141. Transmission Web on a Raspberry Pi with Arch Linux
  142. FreeBSD 10, Converting from RELEASE to STABLE
  143. Linux software raid, rebuilding broken raid 1
  144. FreeBSD Ports: remove config options
  145. OpenSSL: Manually verify a certificate against an OCSP
  146. Chef: overwrite templates in wrapper-cookbooks
  147. Chef: chef_gem vs gem_package and ORDER
  148. OS X: Remove all Apple Remote Dekstop settings
  149. 3D modeling a real world object in OpenSCAD
  150. KVM add disk image or swap image to virtual machine with virsh
  151. KVM convert qcow2 disk images to raw disk images for performance
  152. KVM host with bonding and VLAN tagged Virtual Machines setup on Ubuntu 12.04
  153. Bonding NIC Teaming on Ubuntu 12.04
  154. Install extra software in the VMWare vCenter Appliance (VCSA)
  155. OpenSSL: Get all certificates from a website in plain text
  156. OCSP Stapling on Apache
  157. OCSP Stapling on nginx
  158. haproxy: intercept all cookies and set secure attribute
  159. Check if passwordless sudo can be used in a bash script or nagios check
  160. Remove unused CentOS/Red Hat kernels
  161. rc.local support on Arch Linux with systemd
  162. Ansible Inventory from VMWare
  163. Bash Bits: Simple command line arguments
  164. Ansible - Playbook Testing
  165. Local W3C HTML5 Validator Server
  166. Ansible - Only do something if another action changed
  167. Ansible - Sudo sometimes
  168. haproxy: client side ssl certificates
  169. Apache access/error log to syslog
  170. Back Up Thunderbird Message Filters
  171. Install nmap 6.40 on Ubuntu 12.04
  172. haproxy: set specific ssl ciphers
  173. haproxy: add strict transport security or any other http header
  174. haproxy: ssl backends
  175. haproxy: redirect to ssl or other website
  176. ntop-ng 1.1 installation on Ubuntu 12.04
  177. Corosync Pacemaker - Execute script on failover
  178. DigitalOcean Sucks. Use DigitalOcean!
  179. - Easy IMAP Email Backup.
  180. Self Hosted CryptoCat - Secure self hosted multiuser webchat
  181. Corosync Notes
  182. Remove unused Ubuntu kernels
  183. Install the latest ZNC from source on Ubuntu
  184. Set up your own truly secure, encrypted and shared file synchronization, aka Dropbox clone
  185. OpenSSL One liner to create self signed certificate
  186. Chef: search in recipe based on roles or recipes
  187. Chef: include_recipe only_if or not_if
  188. Uninstall and Remove OSSEC
  189. Bash Bits: Check if item is in array
  190. Bash Bits: Add colour output to your script
  191. Bash Bits: Debug Logging
  192. Bash Bits: Trap Control C (SIGTERM)
  193. OSSEC Server, Client, Web UI and Analogi Dashboard Installation tutorial
  194. OS X - Enable access for assistive devices via the command line
  195. OS X - Applescript to lock date and time preference panel to fix local sudo exploit
  196. IPv4 Address Conversion Tricks
  197. OpenVZ dnsmasq set capabilities failed fix
  198. Bind DNS Query Graph Charts with GNUPlot
  199. Microsoft Exchange / Active Directory Powershell script to notify users of expiring Passwords
  200. Nagios - Hide all hosts in hostgroup
  201. Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Dutch Notes and Example
  202. OpenSSL - Generate Psuedo Random Passwords
  203. My Todo.txt Workflow, including Unison, Todour and Android
  204. Stong SSL Security on Lighttpd
  205. Pass the SSL Labs Test on NGINX (Mitigate the CRIME and BEAST attack, Disable SSLv2 and Enable Perfect Forward Secrecy).
  206. Pass the SSL Labs Test on Apache2 (Mitigate the CRIME and BEAST attack, Disable SSLv2 and Enable Perfect Forward Secrecy).
  207. Sparkling Network
  208. OS X: Disable Notification Center
  209. bdsh - Whitelist Restricted Shell
  210. Strip all non-ascii characters from a file
  211. Samba Shares with Active Directory Login on Ubuntu 12.04
  212. Bash Incremental History Search / Autocomplete
  213. Dogtag / Red Hat Certificate System reset admin pkiconsole password
  214. Ejabberd SSL Certificate
  215. Ejabberd Active Directory LDAP Login
  216. Set up a federated XMPP Chat Network with ejabberd, your own Google Talk Hangouts alternative
  217. OS X - Turn Bonjour off or on via the command line
  218. OS X - Turn off sleep from the command line
  219. OS X - Create Hardware report SPX and save it to a AFP share
  220. Gitlab Active Directory LDAP Authentication
  221. OS X: Turn firewall on or off from the command line
  222. Exchange 2007 and 2010 Autodiscovery DNS SRV record for BIND
  223. Hide or determine BIND version number
  224. Nagios plugin to check an OCSP server
  225. Nagios plugin to check Safenet HSM
  226. Nagios plugin to check CRL expiry in minutes
  227. Join Mac OS X to an Active Directory / OpenDLAP directory from the commandline
  228. HP ILO - Quickly gather ILO version and firmware information via CURL
  229. Munin plugin to show Logstash/Kibana messages per hour
  230. Set up a Collectd client
  231. Set up a Collectd server with web frontend
  232. NGINX: Proxy folders to different root
  233. Silent unatended apt-get upgrade
  234. Ansible - sudoers safety and sanity checking in playbook
  235. NGINX: Catch all error codes
  236. NGINX: Hide / Block .git and .svn folders
  237. Hosted Piwik
  238. Ansible - pure ssh based configuration management and deployment
  239. Screenfetch installation tutorial
  240. Better Cron env and shell control with the SHELL variable
  241. Word occurrence counter and analyzer
  242. Create a VMWare ESXi 5 5.1 5.5 USB install disk
  243. Basic website and database backups with Duplicity
  244. Systemd rosetta / cheatsheet
  245. OpenSSL Generate CSR non-interactive
  246. OpenSSL match certificate and private key
  247. Munin - Fix MySQL plugin on Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 6
  248. Munin - Set up the NGINX status plugin on Ubuntu 12.04
  249. Exploring /proc/ - tips and tricks for the procfs
  250. OpenSSL one liner to get expiry date from SSL Certificate of any website
  251. Fix CentOS IPTables rule saving (iptables: Saving firewall rules to /etc/sysconfig/iptables: /etc/init.d/iptables: line 274: restorecon: command not found)
  252. Restrict SSH
  253. RT (Request Tracker) - find and delete big attachments
  254. Install python 2.7 or 3 under Debian 6
  255. Ruby script to upload or convert a Maildir Inbox to an IMAP server
  256. Python script to monitor a file for changes and then mail the report with the file attached.
  257. Exchange 2010 - OWA - Lock user after x amount of failed logins
  258. Restore iptables rules after a reboot on debian
  259. Resize OS X Mountain Lion installer to fit on a single layer 4.7 GB DVD
  260. CIDR Cheatsheet
  261. Munin optimization guide for Debian (rrdcached, tmpfs, ionice and nice)
  262. Set OS X hostname from the commandline
  263. ClamAV installation and daily scan + report on Ubuntu
  264. Limit access to openssh features with the Match option
  265. Git-clean
  266. Set up your own distributed, redundant, and encrypted storage grid with Tahoe-LAFS
  267. Small low cost linux pc's, an overview from 11-2012
  268. Ray-Mon - PHP and Bash server status monitoring
  269. Codename Geld
  270. ed cheatsheet
  271. Persistent reverse (NAT bypassing) SSH tunnel access with autossh
  272. Nagios plugin to check certificates on local file system
  273. NutsManager
  274. PHP Task/Todo list
  275. Complete word count analysis of Security Now, episode 1 trough 370.
  276. Correctly grep and display the uptime, load average and amount of users
  277. Packages
  278. Tiny Tiny RSS
  279. commandline bash wget downloader
  280. Small Operating Systems / Linux Distributions
  281. Postfix snippets - not finished
  282. ProxBash - a bash script to manage Proxmox VE
  283. Ubuntu/Debian update mailer
  284. Terrible Start
  285. Bash - do something in every subdirectory
  286. Bash script to list all changed files in certain period
  287. Set up a local Ubuntu (apt) repository with apt-mirror
  288. NurseCalc o2 - Bash script and online app for Oxygen Calculations
  289. NurseCalc Infuus - Bash script and Online app for infusion and drip (speed) Calculations
  290. Some Bash and Arch Tweaks
  291. MagicProg: Magic the Gathering (RPG/TGC) Life Program
  292. Chrome Extensions for Privacy, Adblocking and anti-tracking
  293. Stopping fail2ban.server : ERROR Unexpected communication error and other errors in fail2ban on ubuntu 9.04
  294. Introduction to DokuWiki
  295. Introduction to Markdown
  296. Tether your Sonim XP3 phone with Linux
  297. What to do if you cannot execute CHMOD
  298. - Easy IMAP email backup to HTML archive.
  299. Customize your Clonezilla Live CD
  300. Debian packages clean up commands
  301. EasyConverter
  302. SSHdialog
  303. Clonezilla Backup Script v0.2
  304. Postfix: log message from, to and subject
  305. SSH: Key and user restrictions
  306. Bash script for massive rename to numbers
  307. Javascript tricks
  308. Convert FLV's to MP3
  309. Setting up Motion with FTP and Email! support
  310. Bash ja/nee keuze
  311. Imagemagick thumbnailer
  312. Vim Cheatsheet
  313. DRAFT (Re)Building a Metro Cab Simulator part 1
  314. RET Metro ZUB
  315. RET Metro ATB
  316. RET Metro Type T SG/2
  317. RET Metro Type M MG/2
  318. About