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08-04-2017302Burn in testing for new Hypervisor and Storage server hardware
18-03-2017301Openstack Soft Delete - recover deleted instances
14-11-2016294Build a FreeBSD 11.0-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
27-04-2016270Build a FreeBSD 10.3-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
13-06-2015248Openstack - (Manually) migrating (KVM) Nova compute virtual machines
25-02-2015232Openstack Glance Image Download, download Openstack images
22-12-2014216Fix inconsistent Openstack volumes and instances from Cinder and Nova via the database
29-11-2014205Openstack Affinity Groups, make sure instances are on the same or different compute hypervisor hosts
23-11-2014203Build a FreeBSD 10.1-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
25-07-2014187Building HA Clusters with Ansible and Openstack
11-06-2014181Build a FreeBSD 10.0-release Openstack Image with bsd-cloudinit
29-05-2014179Openstack Horizon installation with SSL on Ubuntu