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Recap of week 53, 2015

01-01-2016 | Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article

Table of Contents

Recap of week 53, covering open source and sysadmin related news, articles, guides, talks, discussions and fun stuff.

Oh, and happy holidays to all of you, including a healthy new year.

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News, tutorials and articles

  • Dan Lynch of Linux Outlaws (and OggCamp and many other podcasts) fame, has a form of cancer. Send him a positive message to show some support!
  • Time for some good news. Yay nice things! The daily news should include a "Good News" segment every day.
  • Let's Encrypt hits 200K certificates and is the 5'th largest CA for non-expired Domain Validation Certificates. Did I mention already that I find Let's Encrypt AMAZING?
  • Set up your PGP keys in a hardware secure device, the Yubikey Neo (and Neo-N) support the OpenPGP Card protocol. Mini HSM in your pocket. Put one in your vault and use it as your master GPG signing key.
  • Outlook, since 2003, is "vulnerable" to OLE attackts. Send an EXE as an object in an attached message and it'll be executed without warnings. Mailfilters don't seem to scan for this.
  • End to end deployment with Azure
  • 93,112 hits in one day with Wordpress? Sure, it's possible, after some optimization
  • Why some sysadmins are scared of DevOps
  • Turn the Raspberry Pi zero into a USB serial or ethernet device
  • Am I hacked or is it just vodafone?. Stupid providers trying to "optimize" your "experience", while actually just MITM'ing the connection when you use a browser.
  • As a reaction on the above article, Do Tor exit nodes alter your content? Conclusion, use a VPN via Tor (or your cell conection) or make sure you use HTTPS websites.
  • You aren't allowed to join Troy Hunt's Wifi network. /me has a guest VLAN and guest wifi AP at home with QoS port filtering and a seperate IP (yay XS4ALL for a /29 on a home DSL). That guest Wifi has the same name as the national public transport wifi, so everyone always connects.
  • The Debian creator, Ian Murdock, passed away.
  • A colleague of mine has a lot of Thin Clients, and writes about them. He recently got a HP t5730 and a GPU expansion module
  • Will you plz instll exe on all your devices and I give u monetz. The Raspberry Pi foundation also gets spammed, but placing an EXE on a linux PC? Those spammers should do their research better.
  • Set up country based blocking with pfSense. On Linux, the CSF wrapper makes this also very easy to do. Block China and Eastern Europe and your abuse drops by 80%.
  • The free AVG antivirus installs a browser extension which, according to Google, is full of bugs and completely broken. Tell us something new, all those "tuneup" and "optimizers" and "registry cleaners" are bullcrap.
  • Linode has a few-day long DDoS attack.
  • Take notes when (and as) you do things and keep them. I can only agree. Most of my site is my own documentation, but publicly available.
  • A review of a mini PC, including cracking up the case of the Geekbox Mini PC.
  • North Korea's Red Star OS (linux) snoops, spies and watermarks on everything the users do.
  • Linux Mint Montly overview for december, talking about Linux Mint 18.
  • GIMP and GEGL in 2015.
  • Next Android will switch from Oracle Java to OpenJDK. For legal reasons...
  • I had an issue with dependency removal on debian.

Software and releases

  • UNIX on the Game Boy Advance. Amazing. It runs UNIXv5 via a PDP-11 emulator (SIMH) for ARM on a GBA. How cool is that?
  • Also, Linux on the Nintentdo 3DS. Not much works, but still very cool.
  • Solus 1.0 released. Linux distro based on nothing, with its own GTK3 desktop environment, Budgie.
  • Apt updates will be faster in the future, APT 1.1.6, updating with PDiffs enabled took 41 seconds, on APT 1.1.7, updating with PDiffs enabled took 4 seconds.
  • Someone leaked the AmigaOS 3.1 (or 4) sourcecode. And what the fuck is with those new TLD's? This is a .ninja... Poor Bind...
  • Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa beta released for the KDE version and the XFCE version. Before Arch, I was a fulltime user of Linux Mint, and I still recommend it to others who want to try Linux. It's very good.
  • ReText 5.3 released. It's a Markdown and ReST editor, I use it often to preview my articles.
  • An open source hardware and software router kickstarter. Beware, because we've seen many kickstarters like these, not living up to the promises.
  • It seems Perl 6 is released.
  • People showed a demo of Linux running on the PS4. No idea how real it is.

Talks, videos, slides and podcasts

Let's Encrypt -- What launching a free CA looks like, by Roland Bracewell Shoemaker

Fun and nifty things and discussions

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